The Dirty Ragtimers
Heather Stewart and Lucas Montagnier
The Foundry Arts Space
17 Murray Esplanade Echuca Vic.
Touring this April, The Dirty Ragtimers is Australian Heather Stewart’s new Paris project with Montmartre local Lucas Montagnier. Since moving to Paris last April, Heather has been forming new collaborations with musicians from around the world and performing concerts with the Leigh Barker Band - European - at famous Paris venues Boeuf sur le Toit, Caveau de la Huchette (La La Land), La Bellevilloise, La Coupole. Heather’s passion for great jazz and blues has been further fuelled playing with musicians at Paris’ best jam sessions. Current faves: Lulu White, Vino et Cucchina and L’Epoque! After meeting and jamming with fingerpicking guitarist and bluesman Lucas Montagnier, they rehearsed for months building a grand repertoire. On their first busking session on a street corner in Montmartre, the owner of famous Montmartre bar Chez Camille offered them a weekly residency and The Dirty Ragtimers were born. The Dirty Ragtimers play classic American music from the early 20th Century. Bringing quality finger-picking blues, hot/swing jazz, ragtime, country and gospel together to satisfy audiences as it did decades ago. The Dirty Ragtimers work their own arrangements, original songs and sweet harmonies to create something truly new from quality old craftsmanship and are growing loyal local and international fans. The Dirty Ragtimers play classic finger-picking blues, swing jazz, ragtime, country and gospel crafting their arrangements, originals and sweet harmonies to bring audiences something truly new with quality and craftsmanship. Swinging jazz, blues, folk and ragtime of the early 1900s string and jug bands, The Dirty Ragtimers play it all and with sweet harmonies, fiddle and fingerpicking guitar. After recently relocating to Paris, Australian jazz and blues musician Heather Stewart jammed with musician Lucas Montagnier. They played all night to a wrapped audience and have worked together ever since. After the first song at their first busking session, the duo were approached for a residency at Montmartre's Chez Camille and they've been busy building concerts and fans all over Paris since. Heather and Lucas share a passion for early jazz, blues, folk and ragtime repertoire. They sound like string and jug bands of old with strong vocals, harmonies, fiddle and fingerpicking guitar but with a new and unique style from two experienced professional musicians. From the venues and streets of Paris, The Dirty Ragtimers are collecting fans from all over and are a band to watch! Tickets presale April 1st - Trybooking- $20 At the door - $25.00 Children under 16 free
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