Land Of The Parrots

THE FOUNDRY | 4th Feb. 2022 - 27th Feb. 2022

Marion Lynk makes oil paintings and lino cut prints, currently focussing on Australian birds, particularly parrots. She would love to do a series of landscapes and/or other animals and birds.
Marion says the most important thing is to get life and personality into the painting.

Marion spoke with The Foundry:
“I use photographic reference - sometimes several different photographs to get the details right. I have found it is much better to work with quality materials from the beginning rather than try to fix
the colours on a painting painted with inferior oil paint.

The drawings, lino prints and oil paintings are all made in my studio which is attached to my home. Lino cut prints begin with a drawing, refined and copied several times, lines thickened etc to suit the medium of lino carving. With relief printing you get a reverse image from the plate. Prints take several days to dry as I use oil based inks...they have a lovely opaque vividness to them. From start to finish my oil paintings take several weeks and the lino cut prints up to two weeks.

I have been making art since I was about nine years old. My grandmother got me started! I used to paint pictures of our pet cats. Later on I worked and sold art in a gallery in Cairns and at various art markets in Far North Queensland. I trained as a Graphic Artist/ Animator/Illustrator and worked in that field for around 30 years.
I'm inspired by the amazing variety, colour, and beauty of our native species. I have so many Australian bird books. I love old botanical and fauna illustrations! I'm inspired by Elizabeth Gould, George Raper, E Gostelow, William T Cooper...and more.”

Land Of The Parrots final