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Elaine Van Dyk and Judy Hutchins
Same Country, Different Interpretations
May 3, 2024 6:00 pm
Jun 10, 2024
Gallery 1
The Foundry Arts Space
13-17 Murray Esplanade, Echuca
Elaine Van Dyk & Judy Hutchins
Elaine Van Dyk & Judy Hutchins
Both artists explore the Australian landscapes with contrasting styles.

The exhibition will explore the landscape through the eyes of two artists from different cultural backgrounds. Judy Hutchins was born in Australia, while Elaine vanDyk was born in South Africa. Their backgrounds and personal experiences influence how each sees and interprets the Australian landscape. The artworks are a response to the landscape, their interpretation of its moods, tones, colours, textures, the feelings evoked, the essence of the landscape. The exhibition will consist of paintings and printmaking and will take the viewer from the vast, rugged outback to mountains, tranquil waterways, and to Australia’s beautiful coastal areas.

The exhibited works explore the deep connection between identity, culture, personal history, and the timelessness of the natural landscape. Capturing both the emotive infinity of Australia’s vastness and the visceral textures of its immediacy, Same Country, Different Interpretations wonders, softly, whether it is we who conjure the landscape or the landscape that conjures us.

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